IUPAC GWB (Global Women’s Breakfast) 2023, 14.2.2023 9-10 am
Global Women’s Breakfast – IUPAC | International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
Virtual event

Welcome by Dr. Miia Mäntymäki
Hydroboration of Alkynes by an FLP: Unexpected Bond Activation and Mechanistic Studies by Docent Petra Vasko

The combination of a Lewis acid and a Lewis base, either as separate molecules or constrained into a single entity, is called a frustrated Lewis pair, FLP. Recently these compounds have been shown to exhibit remarkable reactivity, for example, in the capture and activation of small molecules and as “metal-free” catalysts in hydrogenation reactions. To facilitate this behaviour, it is imperative that the donor and acceptor sites of the FLP do not form a coordinative bond but are able to polarize the target chemical bond to the point of heterolytic cleavage. To this end, studies involving novel FLPs in alkyne hydroboration reactions are discussed with an emphasis on the reaction mechanism.

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